Spanish delights

Winefriends tested Pazo de Barrantes Albariño, 2006 Aalto Ribera del Duero , 1997 Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904, 2001 Rioja Finca Valpiedra Reserva and Emina semidulce 2007 to Tapas (Serrano, Chorizo and Manchego) Paella and gaspacho.

Apricot scented Albariño produced a fairly dry but full mouth experience with a smooth sparkling finish. Unshamed and proud in its strive to give the entrence a challenge it spread out generously at a higher temprature. I won't hestistate to serve this wine to fried fish or shrimps.   

The ruby red Aalto Ribera was indeed outstanding with its robust bouquet, filling the pallette with typical Tempranillo and Sauvignon fragance. This perfect balanced wine offered a very exclusive and long lasting aftertaste. Spicy food should be avoided and wine sipping favored since this wine need space, but no patience because impact is immediate.

Vertical test of Rioja's displayed very different colors and the classical spanish sunny taste. Light and elegant 1997 matched perfect with the Paella vs the younger (very priced) brother offered weight and traditional oaked vanilla noose. Both were saluted by all and I would say we experienced a Rioja revival with a smooth feeling. Not too late. 

Unoaked yellow-green colored, semi-sweet and fruity Emina supported vanilla flavored taste in the Flarncake. Fresch and clean with elegance it matched sweet almonds on top of the cake, which dominated this experience. Perhaps Emina was not too fermented?

Festivitas was accompanied by lovely music: Ljuvliga spanska...

And finally, many thanks goes to the Spanish Embassy for its support and advice.